Bathroom: Episode VI

Bathroom: Episode VI

Turn on the Bright Lights

Now it was time to bring some light into our little clay cave. We were lucky and won a voucher for products of “Naturbo” – a company that produces clay products – in a raffle. We used it to buy a couple buckets of their white clay paint. It perfectly fits our overall concept of using ecological products and is super convenient to work with as it comes as a powder that you can mix with water whenever you want to paint something. 💧

Painting with clay paint takes a bit of getting used to and we did freak out a little bit when we were done. I highly recommend using a broad brush, not applying the paint too thick (especially in the corners) and definitely waiting for it to dry until you judge the result. In the end everything turned out well. 😅


Early on we already had decided to avoid the use of tiles in our bathroom and that of course included the floor. We wanted to have an oak floor and luckily found a local sawmill that offered exactly what we had in mind: high quality oak from regional forests and even cheaper than the imported, mass-produced stuff you get at the hardware store. 🌳

The floor boards are 22mm thick so they should last a couple of decades. 🪵 We chose hard wax oil to bring out the vein of the wood and protect it as well.